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CSA Brochure 2022-23

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CatholiC ServiCeS appeal CatholiC ServiCeS appeal 20222022Finding God in All ThingsFinding God in All ThingsGod is here, right now, at our side. We can see him in the routine moments of our day and in the sacred moments of our lives. To nd God, you have only to look.“Seek and you will nd.” - Luke 11:9 -

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The Catholic Services Appeal 2022 season is upon us, and we have much to celebrate in northern Michigan. We welcome our new bishop. We begin to enjoy warmer weather, and we honor our risen Lord. We look forward with hope as God continues to work in and through us. As Catholics, we have an abundance of blessings in the form of the sacraments. In all phases of our lives, the sacraments are there to give us grace and help us understand that God is with us always. As you move forward this spring, bring the glory of the sacraments with you as you cherish each present moment. Take time to see the buds emerge on the trees. Listen to the birds and nature come alive. Feel the warmer breezes and smell the fresh air. Use all your senses to experience the glory of God.Paying attention to God through the sacraments and our everyday experiences helps us to know that even though life’s challenges remain, there are always reasons to be grateful.It is through this spirit of thanksgiving we hope you will consider giving to the CSA campaign.Finding god in all thingSNow is the time to renew our spirits and contemplate our blessings. Now is the ideal moment to recommit our time, talent and treasure to what we value most.

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The CSA is a diocesan-wide campaign that supports the mission of the Catholic Church locally, regionally and globally. We are blessed to be part of a Universal Church, unied in the Body of Christ. The work of the Church requires careful stewardship and care. Just like we spend time and resources keeping our bodies healthy, we must do the same to nourish the Body of Christ. The Catholic Services Appeal provides 75% of the Diocese of Gaylord’s annual operational budget and is therefore essential to the work of the Church in northern Michigan.CSa goal:$3,493,256loCal & global MiSSionS$591,100 | Assists localministries such asCatholic HumanServices andRight to Life;provides for mission work throughoutthe U.S. andthe world.tribunal$228,674 | Helps the laity with canonical issues, such as marriage annulments,at no cost.Shepherd oF the dioCeSe$298,583 | Provides for the bishop’s ministry of teaching and guiding the clergy and lay faithful.CatholiC eduCation$316,843 | Aids 16 Catholic schools through curriculum and technology support, as well as professional development.voCationS &Clergy ForMation$323,342 | Supportsall clergy throughthe Vocations Oce, from discernmentto lifelong formation.liturgy & pariSh outreaCh$381,350 | Funds parish worship and liturgical formation, and ministries such as the Hispanic and Native American Apostolates.dioCeSan MiniStrieS & ServiCeS$1,353,364 | Provides for diocesan administrative services including parish bookkeeping, fundraising/stewardship, human resources and communications.

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Questions? Contact Deb 989.705.3510Making a recurring gift will help to continuously sustain the Church year after year. Your gift will automatically come to the diocese each month from your credit card or bank account. You can choose to stop your gift at any time.beCoMe a Monthly donorNewOption!Thank you for prayerfully considering making a gift to the Catholic Services Appeal. Your gift makes a positive impact towards the mission of the local Church in our diocese and throughout the world.Give by MailComplete your pledgecard and mail to:Diocese of Gaylord611 W North StreetGaylord, MI 49735Give to give